Locating Missing People: How Contreras Associates International – Licensed Private Investigation Firm Starts Their Search

There are many people that decide to “disappear” from their lives. Their reasons and experiences vary in dramatic ways. Some are evading the law or avoiding the responsibility of caring for spouses and raising children. Other people have bad memories of drug abuse, physical abuse or tragedies. They leave to forget what they experienced or to get away from the guilt of what they caused. Still others suffer depression or mental illness and they walk away from families they believe do not care.

Abandoning an old life to start anew is not illegal. The police will rarely exert much effort to help find missing adults if there is no evidence of foul play. This is what many people left behind must face and was a shocking reality when someone disappeared from my life. I had always considered myself to be a good researcher. It was a skill I used for my career, but no matter how much I searched and how many records I tried to obtain I was unsuccessful in getting any answers. This was when I contacted Contreras Associates International – Licensed Private Investigation Firm. Within a matter of weeks I knew where the missing person was, where they were working and the name they were living under. It may not have solved all of my problems, but it gave me the opportunity to get answers and to move on with my own life.

Private investigators have access to databases the average person does not even know exists. They use an extensive list of public record searches far beyond property tax information, court records or marriage and divorce licenses. Many of these investigators have previous experience in the law enforcement industry and maintain professional contacts. Their most important skill is often that they are able to look at cases logically rather than emotionally. This is a step that is impossible for someone that is personally involved with the situation. A private investigation firm cannot force someone to come home or live up to their responsibility. They are unable to fix problems or to erase the past. What they do is to provide answers and give people the opportunity to have closure. They do the work quickly and confidentially, so their clients get answers without any unnecessary delay and without letting the “missing” person know they have been found.